Is Your Website Costing You Leads?

Have you ever visited a website that was ALL over the place…? I’m sure we all have at one time or another. Let’s think about what you did when you were confused, couldn’t navigate, or find the info you were looking for on a website….?

Odds are you probably moved onto the next competing business website with a carefully thought-out website strategy that answered all your questions! Maybe their website even let you book an appointment right from their website. Then you checked that to-do off your list without a second thought!

Which website do you want to be?? Which website are you currently? Hopefully, it’s not the first one, because you just lost another lead. Do you see my point? That website could be costing you!

——Don’t be the photographer with the website that potential clients don’t even know how much it costs to hire you. You can’t expect every potential client to email you and inquire. If so, you are wasting your time, their time, and also missing out on TONS of other leads that just move onto another photographer’s website!

The bottom line is your website should answer all their questions and have an easy-to-follow roadmap with a call to action so clients know how to take the next step in booking your services.

Sounds simple right? Actually, A LOT of people lose sight of this or just try to complicate things when it comes to their business’s website….that’s where I come in!

Start by asking yourself these simple questions:

  1. What are the MAIN GOALS of my website?
  2. Who is my IDEAL client?
  3. What are my business OFFERS?
  4. How do clients BOOK my services?
  5. What do clients NEED to know about working with me?
  6. How can I make it EASIER for them?

Not sure if your website is strategic as it could be?

Not only do you get the power of an amazing designer when you work with me, but you get my EXPERTISE & GUIDANCE when it comes to your website strategy. Your website shouldn’t just look good, it’s got to pack a punch too! You’ve got one chance, we don’t want those leads passing you by. As a website expert, I’m not afraid to tell you what information is useless and what info you NEED to have for your audience. I’m here to guide you and help you simplify so you don’t confuse your audience.
Remember when you confuse…. you lose!

Are you ready to INVEST in your business and ensure your website is strategic? If you are, I’d love to help, book a call with me here to discuss how your website could be improved.